ruffles, laces

It is the start of the year and the perfect time to freshen up your wardrobe. So get ready to rid of the old and get in with the new with the latest fashion trends for 2013. Here are some outfits that one can add to their closet collections for this year.

Go green. The fashion world has its own green revolution this year as fashion experts chose emerald green to be the color of the year. Other shades of green like moss, mint, olive, lime and even alien green also fall within the trend. Pair them up with red accessories for a fashionable contrast.

Denim is “in”. Say goodbye to your peplum skirts and dresses that were trendy last year and make way for denim dresses. Denims are classic and durable materials that can last for years. You may want to check your mom’s closet for vintage denim dresses that are sure to make a statement when matched with modern accessories.

Rock Your Fashion with Jailhouse Stripes. Vertical stripes usually associated with prisoners’ uniforms make their way into the fashion world with striped tops, skirts and dresses that are coming out this season.

Back to the 90’s. Soft floral dresses paired with denim jackets or biker jackets that were popular during the 90’s are making their way back in this year’s trend. Top it off with a stylish Fedora Hat and you’re good to go.

Get Romantic with ruffles and laces. Blouses with small ruffles that aren’t overwhelming are great for creating a dainty and romantic look for casual strolls while lace tops and structured blazers can give you a chic and feminine look. Those who want to “lace-it-up” this year can check out Monique Lhuillier’s designs for some inspiration.

Suit-up with Pantsuits. Those who fell in love with the pantsuit trend a few years ago can get back in the trend with fashionable pantsuits. Get some suits that are along the shades of green, this year’s color trend, and match it up with lace undershirts for an updated look.

Work on a Single Shade. Monochromatic dressing can test your palette skills by putting together outfits in the same color or using different shades of the same color. Chocolate Brown accented by beige shoes or caramel accessories is one example of this style of dressing. Since emerald green is the color of the year, you may want to experiment on other shades of green like mint or aqua.

Meet the mid-heels. Five-inch pumps and ballerina flats have dominated the footwear fashion in the past couple of years. Now, it is time for the mid heels to enter the arena. Two to three inch wedges along with half boots can complement a lot of the trendy outfits mentioned above, especially if you decide to go for the 90’s get-up.

Every year fashion designers and fashion magazine editors come-up with trendy picks that are often used as basis for current fashion statements. However, these choices should only serve as a guide for those who are building their outfits for the year and should not dictate your fashion choices. Being confident about yourself and your choices is the best fashion statement that you can make.