Power Plate for Starters

I finally went to try the Power Plate last week. After ten months of postponing I went to the gym and tried this new exercise machine for 30 minutes. It takes only that to sweat the same amount that I normally have in 1.5 hours on other gym machines.

When I stepped on it and the trainer pushed the button as I squat on the platform holding on the handles, I felt like Woody of Toy Story when he was blown away by the wind and his face was deformed. ^_^


power plate

Power Plate is a vibrating machine, where one steps on the platform, squats, do a situp position, feet up on the platform, hands or knee up on it and vibrated at 25 to 50 times per second. It is highly publicized alright but I feel my muscles totally reacting well to it on my first try.

At the beginning of the session I can already feel the vibration reaching up to my neck…it was a really good sensation like getting a whole body massage in one go.  The trainer showed me different positions and made me do it…I felt I need more core training as I did….

Will I try it again? Of course, I still have 9 sessions to spend and I will surely squeeze all of them in to my schedule this month.

This is the very first post on this blog and I hope to continue writing about my daily routines to keep fit.

Marie Gizelle


The Joyful Crafter

I’d love to try that machine myself! 🙂 Really looks interesting.
I’m a member of a gym too but sadly I dont get the time to go there. 🙁 I hope that’s something I can get myself back to.

Visiting for GT.


I would really like to do some exercises but I am really lazy hahaha I think if I could afford this equipment I will surely try this.

Ivan Saldajeno

I missed hitting the gym. Focus on studies. I hope I can try this machine


Hmmm.. I think its been a while since my last full exercise, how I wish I have some equipments at home to do exercise at the the comfort of my living room 😀

Beauty Queen Gene

that’s something new i wouldn’t mind trying out for myself! what a great way to prepare for the eating festivities this holiday season!


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