Tourmaline chandelier earrings

For someone with relatively small ears, I prefer big, dangling earrings that draw attention to them. I feel uncomfortable whenever people notice my ears.

Have you actually considered the size and shape of earrings you wear? Like wearing clothes, there’s a formula for buying and wearing your earrings. Here’s some.

Consider your face shape. I believe earrings should complement the shape of one’s face. Identify your face shape and find which type of earring will enhance your features or tone down what looks so obvious. The basic formula:

Oval face: avoid long and thin-shaped earrings, stick with studs and teardrops

Heart-shaped face: stay away from very short earrings, choose chandeliers, teardrops and triangles

Round face: do not wear chunky large earrings, instead, go for drop earrings in oval, square to make your face a bit elongated

Square-shaped face: rounds and ovals work well with this type of face, drop earrings and along with dangling earrings too

Consider your neck as well. I hadn’t noticed it before but my neck is shorter than a colleague of mine, it made me look like I have a bigger face…accordingly, having a heart-shaped face, I wear chandeliers and teardrops. These will make my neck look longer too thus minimizing the big face appearance.

My choice of teardrop/chandelier earrings are those Bohemian style ones. The pair in photo is from, it’s a diamond-shaped 24k gold vermeil chandeliers with multi-colored tourmaline hanging from 24k gold vermeil earwire (2.25″ drop). I’m no Emma Stone but it’s definitely a lovely accessory I would love to have! Boticca has a wonderful collection of jewelry from necklaces to earrings, from rings to bracelets. They also have handbags, scarves and other things that make a woman tick.

emma stone earrings from boticca
Tourmaline chandelier earrings on Emma Stone

Remember too that aside from the shape of one’s face and the neck, the length of hair or how it is worn needs agreement with the earrings’ shape. Wearing it in an updo, try some studs and medium length teardrops as long as it agrees with your face shape.

Earrings, small as they may seem can definitely make or break the overall look of a person.They can draw attention to your face or disguise what is too obvious and perhaps hide what you don’t want attention to.