What a surprise, spring sprung and not the usual still cold morning, sunny noon and cold afternoon…we’re getting at least 15°C (lowest at 8° highest at 19°).

To keep up with the mood of the season, here’s one getup I’d like to rock this spring. Although a flowery top is better, I’d have to go for this now. Because spring is very unpredictable, consider the following when dressing up:

1. Choose neutral/earth colors. Go with beige, camel and cream

2. Pick floral prints. To match the season, pick one or two tops with flowery designs.

3. Accessorize with colorful bags. If like me you’d choose a plain top, make your bag catchy by going with red or canar yellow.

4. Layer up with an outerwear such as a think jacket, a long-sleeve bolero or anything that’s easy to remove when the weather gets hotter.

5. Tight jeans or leggings…to keep the coolness at bay and look comfortable at the same time.

6. Wedge ankle boots for a killer look. There’s nothing sweeter than wedges paired with skinny jeans or tight pants.

7. Lastly, choose flowery accessories – earrings, bracelet but don’t overdo it.