Hello! Chances are, you’re a shopaholic like me…There are a lot of things that may bind friends together but nothing is more enjoyable than a shopping spree. Raise your hand if you agree!

Here are some smart ways to go about shopping without damaging your purse much. 😉

Spring clean. Before you go out to buy, check your a wardrobe, check what’s in it. You might have stuff that you bought long ago but never got the chance to wear for reasons like; they were cheap; it doesn’t really fit but I’m gonna keep this in case I loose 5 kilos.

Thing is, if you haven’t worn it for one year, let it go. Items in good condition can be auctioned online; Ebay (in our case, willhaben) or you can have a garage sale. Sure it could be half the price of the original but hey, you can add that to your savings and shop again sometime.

Limit yourself. Yes, shopping is a sport and you do need to practice but overdoing it will also stress you, financially. So the best way is to set a budget and strictly stick to it. Credit cards are your bestfriends but at the end of the month they become hungry alligators!

Research. Check the item you’re eyeing. Compare prices, online and in catalogues, you might want to subscribe to a company’s online newsletter and you’ll get 10$ as a start up bonus. They would ship free at times too! Just be sure that you know your sizes well so you don’t get something that won’t fit should you decide to order online.

Double check. At the mall or even online, answer this question honestly. “Do I really need this.” And ask it again…if you can’t say yes or you’re having second thoughts then don’t buy it….you’re being an impulse buyer if you do.

Comfort is the key. Fit your potential buys. Don’t rely much on the label size…it is best to try everything on….

Be thrifty. There exists a magical store where you can buy stuff, all new or unused at half the original price. You just have to look! 😉

Join us in our shopping adventure!