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How Can Your Diet Affect Your Sleep?

It’s a common misconception that diet and sleep are completely unrelated. However, the truth is that the two are very much connected and scientific studies have now shown that the type of foods you eat have an effect not only on your weight and overall health, but also the quality of your sleep. Serotonin and diet In order to

Why Smokers Switch to Ecigarette

Smoking tobacco has always been a major source of health complications in both men and women before the introduction of the ecigarette. According to health studies, tobacco smokers are normally under a great risk of getting lung and heart disorders due to the harmful soot created by the tobacco when puffed. Things become even worse

Is Exercise advisable for Cancer Patients?

  Today, more than 11 million people living in the US have cancer. The common doctor’s advice for cancer patients has for a long time been, ”Take it easy.” For a long time, doctors assumed that exercise was likely to lead to negative health effects for cancer patients. However, a recent survey conducted by the Macmillan

Five Ways to Quit Smoking

  Smoking is one of those habits that many people find hard to give up, even if they know about the health risks involved in lighting up. However, if you’re looking to quit smoking, there are ways in which you can do it without having to struggle. Here are five great ways to do to