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Lemon for Natural Skin Care and Beauty Treatment

It is quite frustrating that for my age (I’m turning 37 soon), I developed skin problems when it wasn’t a worry I had when I was a teenager. And I have had used a number of products to make things better. Despite the abundance of cosmetic and skincare products in the market which promised desirable

My Yves Rocher Facial Mask and Moisturizer

I would recommend organic facial masks or homemade if you’d like to call it, with one of the recipes I posted earlier on. (See 2 posts down). I just don’t have all the time in the world to mix such concoction everyday so having masks like the ones pictured above or those that can be

Edible Remedy

I have always believed articles I read about home remedy for acne and other home related cures. This is because I’ve tried some myself. One of the popular home ingredient is the oatmeal, it helps calm and moisturize the skin and also remedies dryness. Mixed with ingredients like fresh tomatoes, oatmeal also helps oily and

On Acne

Pimples, and a lot at that! You must be kidding! That was my initial reaction when I first had a breakout, that was 2 years stopping from taking in contraceptive pills triggered not just acne but weight gain as well. Frustrating – that’s how I feel. Imagine your clear skin suddenly looks so dirty