Jumping into the Fitness Fad with Jumping Rope

If you keep abreast with the latest news, you would surely have heard about the ill effects of poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles of some individuals. These types of news have made people more conscious about the importance of keeping fit to enjoy a long and healthy life with loved ones. Getting fit is

Lemon and Tomato for that Youthful Glow

  If you had a penny for every time your mom or grandma told you to eat your vegetables when you were a kid, you’d probably be filthy rich by now. What they didn’t tell you back then, was that some veggies- when applied directly to your skin- can almost miraculously give you that flawlessly

Habits That Help Prevent Dandruff

Another frustrating thing I encountered now that I am older is hair problems, more particularly scalp issues. I blame it on the change of weather, and probably stronger shampoo concentration, but whichever the reason, dandruff is a problem so common that it that can affect anyone.  It is usually encountered from young adulthood until middle

How to Find a Competent Orthodontist

  Orthodontic work is very popular these days, so finding an orthodontic specialist is not that hard anymore. However, it does not follow that every orthodontist is as good as the other. Orthodontists are not born equal. Thus, finding a competent orthodontist that can expertly handle your dental problems still entails some savvy or ingenious

Walk Your Way to Better Health

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao Tzu couldn’t have been more correct when he said this. Even at the physical level, this holds true. Before you advance to the more complex forms of fitness workouts, nothing quite beats the basics. And one of those basics is walking. No matter

Choosing Music to Fuel Your Run

  If Michael Jackson were alive today, he’d probably be singing to Beat It while doing his morning 3k run. Although images of him occasionally holding his crotch while sprinting may not exactly be too appealing, any serious runner would do well to follow his example- not so much the crotch-holding, but the part on

Look Fresh Despite Workplace Stress

A properly applied make-up at the start of the work day helps create a fresh and professional look for office women. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to maintain this bright appearance throughout the day especially when one has to face a desk full of paperwork all the time. With hardly any time left to

Soaking in the Benefits of Thermal Baths

Taking care of our health and hygiene is important for our over-all well being. Some people even have bathing rituals to cleanse and invigorate their bodies on a regular basis. This can be done in the privacy of their own homes or in public baths that offer facilities for therapeutic baths. Unlike the Roman times

Lemon for Natural Skin Care and Beauty Treatment

It is quite frustrating that for my age (I’m turning 37 soon), I developed skin problems when it wasn’t a worry I had when I was a teenager. And I have had used a number of products to make things better. Despite the abundance of cosmetic and skincare products in the market which promised desirable

How Can Your Diet Affect Your Sleep?

It’s a common misconception that diet and sleep are completely unrelated. However, the truth is that the two are very much connected and scientific studies have now shown that the type of foods you eat have an effect not only on your weight and overall health, but also the quality of your sleep. Serotonin and diet In order to