Pink Celebration!

Finally made a fanpage for Pink Zest! Though I have barely been updating and I really have not posted so much about anything pink, this page is still called that! There are barely 10 followers as of typing so I would really appreciate some love! Thanks in advance, I’ll definitely return the favor!

Why do girls love pink? May not be all girls but most of us do and there are a number of reasons why.

1. Pink is pretty. Admit it, when a person wears pink, there’s definitely something cute in her (or him) that you’ll find. No matter the size. 🙂

2. Pink is innocent. Pink attaches so much of itself to baby girls and baby girls are the cutest, little, innocent people there are.

3. Cherry blossoms/sakura are pink. They are products of a tree whose only purpose is to be beautiful.

4. Pink is yummy. Talk about macarons, strawberry cake, strawberry ice cream, strawberry mochi, even raspberry cream with pink pepper tastes awesome!

5. Pink smells good. Pink roses, need I say more?

6. Pink cheers you up. Period.

I’m sure there are a number more reasons why a girl loves pink, why you adore it and why your mom painted the living room pink. I’d be happy to hear your thought in the comment section. Why do you like pink?