The ever-popular Cath Kidston bags have been updated with side gussets to give you more room, and now comes in new designs too. Well, the one in photo might be old but I’d definitely get this for my daughter. She’s been using the same bags for years and she has none of those waterproof ones. I got introduced to Cath Kidston by a friend who loves them.

Been reading reviews here and there but mostly of other makes. It’s great to know that on one site I visited, a representative of the brand is answering negative feedbacks and offering renewals. Most of the complains are about the magnetic catches tha are easily removed. Hopefully they get to make it better. Anyway, would still love to buy this one, all girlish, pinkish and fits my daughter well. It’s a messenger style too, she wouldn’t complain as she would with backpacks. ^_^