GGL stands for George Gina Lucy — a line of handbags created by Germany-based designers Nicholas Neuhaus, his wife Nicole Bailly, and their common friend Oliver Bruno in 2004. I have bought them since and really loved each of those that I’ve had.

george gina lucy my sweet tart yellow
My Sweet Tart Yellow

I find my choices boring, really, a yellow bag? I don’t know why I bought this piece but I don’t regret it, size-wise I can put my camera in it (a bulky Canon 7D with an 18-200 lens), a flash, make-up minibag, wallet and some more stuff. There are 3 main zippers with the middle having three smaller pockets.

karabiner ggl
GGL’s signature Clamp

I might have mentioned this before but I’ll mention it again, each bag has a unique name and when you first buy it, the tag includes a “how to take care for your GGL bag.” Some of the tips there is to take time to talk to it, never leave it in the dark, call it by name and some other unconventional caring tips.

Since this bag is bigger than the usual, the clamp, a trademark GGL feature is symmetrical to the size. The boys (sons 1&2) would often play with it and thank goodness I haven’t lost it yet.  Chunky zippers, multiple pockets, rings and rivets are to be seen as most GGL bags does.

I mostly use this as a messenger bag, if I had a baby this one would be a perfect baby bag. ^_^ The shoulder belt is adjustable and removable too so it also is a good handcarry. I don’t have the exact measurements now but my A2 folder fits in perfectly…the downside is this color is prone to dirt, like the other one I have which is in white, it’s quite obvious that I’ve used it for some time now. Which is about 6 months. 🙁

Functions as a travel bag, me somewhere in Prague

Given the chance to buy again, which will surely be not in the near future I’d get any of the two below or one in black and purple or petrol and black or plain black. What color would you like to have?

ggl, my sweet tart pink
My Sweet Tart Pink