People who value designer label clothes would do well with one of the Label Yourself tags on hand. Those who would like to put their names or initials on their clothing without going for a monogram can choose from the stylish and subtle labels offered by Ikast Etiket. They have high quality wristbands and clothing labels that can suit your personal and business needs. These name tags will ensure that you don’t lose your favorite clothes or have them swapped with someone else’s shirt in the Laundromat or in changing rooms. You can look here to get a glimpse of the different ways to label your own clothing with style.

label yourself
stamp it!

One can take their pick from the Iron-On and Woven name labels, name stamps and tapes, Stickins, and fabric pens. Iron-On Labels are 30x9mm strips that have enough room for 2 lines per text with 25 characters each. The personalized text is simply ironed on the shirts or any clothing piece that you want to label. Parents with kids in pre-school can use this to lessen stress or anxiety that come from frequently losing clothes in school. The Iron-On Transfers are also ironed on the clothing but unlike the Iron-On Labels, the transfers can only fit 18 characters per line and a maximum of two lines. They are not recommended for use in clothing that is normally washed at boiling point. Woven name labels are the same ones that are found in branded clothes. You have the flexibility to choose your own color combination and text design in these tags. Those who dream about creating their own clothing line, like Alexa Chung, can enjoy a surreal experience by putting their name tags alongside the logo of their favorite clothing brand. These labels may be placed in any part of your clothes. However, the suggested location for the labels is just below the collar or the same area where clothing brand labels are usually found. If you are in the mood to be funky and whimsical then you may also place them on the shoulders, sleeves, bottom, or anywhere you please.

Labeling clothes is a practical way to keep your family from losing clothing that you value. Some may think of it as being tacky, but the Label Yourself tags from Ikast Etiket are definitely tickets to fashionable labels for your family’s clothes.