Smoking is one of those habits that many people find hard to give up, even if they know about the health risks involved in lighting up. However, if you’re looking to quit smoking, there are ways in which you can do it without having to struggle. Here are five great ways to do to finally say goodbye to cigarettes and all the health problems that come with them:

Take up a hobby – if you smoke regularly and do it socially, you could always try and find something else to fill your time instead – such as a hobby. Knitting, reading, writing or even sports could replace smoking.

Chew gum instead – if you miss the sensation of having something in your mouth, you could always chew gum, and that doesn’t harm your health at all and costs you a fraction of the price of a carton of cigarettes.

Use E Cigarettes from – for those of you who might really miss smoking, they replicate the sensation of smoking, omitting a vapour instead of smoke, and aren’t anything like as harmful to your health. Also, they can help you give up with adjustable nicotine levels.

ways to quit smoking

Think about the effects smoking can have on your health – it’s well-known that smoking can cause breathing problems if done regularly, with many smokers suffering from illnesses such as asthma. Meanwhile, smoking can also speed up the ageing process.

Consider your family’s health – when you smoke a cigarette, the smoke omitted could be inhaled by your kids, which may harm their health as well as your own. When you get tempted to buy a carton of cigarettes, think about that before you decide whether to part with your money.

Smoking can be an unhealthy and expensive habit to have. By quitting, you’re doing yourself and those you hold dearest a big favour.


Written by

Marie Gizelle

Marie is a 38-year-old mom who enjoys having facials and a good mask even at home.