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Dame Helen Mirren stirs BAFTA Awards Night with Pink Hair!

Dame Helen Mirren stirs BAFTA Awards Night with Pink Hair! 1

We’ve seen Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, Nicki Minaj and many other trendsetters sport pink hair but tonight Dame Helen Mirren at the 2013 BAFTA ( British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Awards tonight with the same dyed hair much to everyone’s surprise.

The veteran actress struck her best poses donning an off-white floor-length gown. She had a metallic wrap of sorts to ward of the cold and a matching clutch in silver. The frock, almost see-through (must be an effect of the rain too) can be seen with embroidered flowers seen more detailed as she spun around.

The rain didn’t stop the playful actress as she proudly show her new bob and layered gown although it get drenched on the hems. Dame Mirren was also seen with light pink nail polish to match her lips and hair. Such a playful stance.

She definitely turned heads and totally pull off the look.  Dame Mirren was nominated as best Leading Actress for her character in Hitchcock.

17 thoughts on “Dame Helen Mirren stirs BAFTA Awards Night with Pink Hair!

  1. Wow, I had not been aware that she had changed her hair color. Or that she was at the BAFTAs! I love that color! I think it’s fine and completely within her right to do so; plus, it’s fun! It makes me appreciate her youthful spirit!

  2. Am not crazy about Helen’s pink hair, but I love her dress. She pulls it all off together not too badly, but I think the pink in the hair should have been a shade or 2 darker.

  3. I love Helen Mirren, but the pink hair? Really? No ma’am, it’s much too young a look for such a sophisticated woman.

  4. Odd hair color looks good on NO ONE! That happened to me once when I was young. I bleached my hair. It was too white so I tried to add some red to warm it up. It was really bright pink.

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