Accessorize with Shawls and Bags


Choosing what to wear is a dilemma we women experience whenever there’s a special event or occasion. No matter how many dresses you have in your closet, you always seem to find yourself at a lost and is most certainly confused over the kind of dress to wear for the event. Whether it’s a black tie affair or a cocktail party, your LBD might be your safest option, but you can also consider frocks that you can glam up with the right accessories.

A clutch, a shawl or a scarf is the perfect match any evening wear, however, it can also break your look if you didn’t choose the right one for your outfit. Look out for ideas that can help you impress the crowd with simple accessories such as an evening shawl or a statement clutch.

Carrying a clutch or an evening bag to a party or a formal affair should take some consideration. Will you be carrying one to store essential items or do you want it to accessorize your look? Bags and clutches can either be one that stands out or is muted in the background. Whichever way you want it, go for something that will match the tone of your dress, shoes and jewelry. If you want a statement piece, something with blings such as Swarovski crystals and gems will be the perfect pair for your black evening gown. But do make sure that it doesn’t clash with your outfit.

Accessorize with Shawls and Bags

Shawls and Scarves to Match the Mood

Shawls can create a light and fun look, a comfy and cozy do or a sleek and sexy number depending on the fabric and the way you wear it with your outfit.

Off the Shoulder – a traditional, yet sexy way of wearing shawls for an evening event is by wearing it off the shoulder. Simply wrap it lightly across your shoulder and let it slide off mid-back held loosely across your arms. Wearing a shawl this way will not only warm your arms and shoulders but it will also make you look elegant and classy with a simply designed dress.

Draped – show off your neckline by draping a shawl loosely down your back. This is great with bright colored dresses, accessorize with just enough jewelry to complement the shawl instead of competing with it for attention.

Using a scarf to accent and complement your dress is another winning way of accessorizing your evening dress. It has lesser fabric compared to shawls but they can be used in many ways all the same. You can tie a large knot on one side, make a slim tie or simply wrap it around your neck in a winter fashion.

Before wearing shawls or getting an evening bag to carry on tonight’s special event, take a few moments to think about the look and mood that you want to achieve. Whether it’s a formal night or a cocktail party that you will attend to, your accessories should always complement your look.


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