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To say that one wants to be fit is easy. To become fit is another story.

That there’s no easy way to attaining that bod you’ve always dreamed of is true so it’s really good if you stop making excuses and actually go to the gym and sweat. I did.

I called the gym and scheduled my second Power plate session. I felt really good after half an hour of plating….

Here are the most common excuses that I have, perhaps you too and what you should do when these situations come up.

Excuse #1: “I’m really busy”

If like me you’re a mom, a wife, a part-time or full time worker, going to the gym may be out of the schedule unless you split yourself in three, there’s really no way to squeeze gym time in.

What do you do?
The Keyword is “routine”. I’ts a habit that you need to develop. I used to go every 9-10 in the mornings and it worked well for me. Then I had to go to school so I had to somehow stop. Now that I am a WAHM again, I can at least visit once in  a while, but I’m planning to stick to my planned daily activities.

Excuse #2: “I’m shy because I don’t know how equipment works”

I sometimes feel helpless whenever I have no idea how to get a machine going. That happened just this week, I can’t find the power button for the plating device. (lol) I thought that it hasn’t been plugged or I had to connect it somewhere…after about a minute of going about the room (good thing I was alone) I found it just beside where the plug’s connected. ^_^

What do you do?
If you have a trainer, be sure to pay attention to the stuff he’s saying, see the buttons, what he’s doing and ask questions, that’s what a trainer is for and of course, you can also ask that hunk beside you for help. ^_^

Excuse #3: “I don’t think I’m getting results”

You’ve literally burned calories for hours yet you feel that there’s no difference in your weight, well you might actually get heavier if you gain muscles and lose fat but for a good thing…at least, you are firm!

What do you do?

I will repeat this; there’s no easy way to attaining that bod you’ve always dreamed of…it takes weeks or months or even longer to see your muscles firmer and those fats all gone—not totally but much better and you can wear that dress you’ve always wanted to show off. The easier way to do things may be under the knife—-and you can’t even be sure it will work for you!

Becoming fit starts with one step — that’s to stop making excuses.

Written by

Marie Gizelle

Marie is a 38-year-old mom who enjoys having facials and a good mask even at home.