Personally, I think Anne Hathaway’s fashion sense is admirable. Her classic style never fails to turn heads whenever she struts down the red carpet. However, just a few days ago, she was caught wearing something that may just turn heads for all the wrong reasons – a pair of spandex leggings with galaxy print topped off with a pair of trainers and a plain denim button-down shirt. For someone of Anne’s caliber, it appeared to be a poor outfit choice.

Are printed leggings so bad?

Actually, printed leggings do seem like a bad choice whether you’re a celebrity or not. Printed tops are cool; you can match a printed top with any type of bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts, skorts, and leggings) provided it has a solid color or a coordinating design. Printed leggings, though, are risky.

Nevertheless, more and more women are making printed leggings part of their wardrobe ensemble. Why is that? Apparently, leggings in general have a versatile and uber chic vibe that can liven up your outfit no matter if you’re enjoying a leisurely walk in the neighborhood, heading to work or school, or gearing up for an all-nighter.

Paired with the right pair of shoes

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Paired with a fabulous pair of Reef Adora ankle boots (yes, leggings, skinny jeans, and just about any bottom look awesome with ankle boots!) and a gorgeous top, you can play up your wardrobe, emphasize your best assets, and create a flattering outfit. Printed leggings and ankle boots go well with oversized sweaters, trendy tops, shirts, blouses, tunics, and even jersey dresses.

Of course, it’s quite difficult for a woman to wear something she’s not comfortable with. I know I wouldn’t dare wear something that could backfire against my desired results. Hence, here are a few tips and tricks to help you (and me, perhaps) rock printed leggings and the staple, ankle boots.

Choose your print

Since the concept may be entirely new to you, you need to start conventionally. How do you do that? Well, rather than buy printed leggings with bold patterns, choose pairs with subdued details. Pinstripes, tie-dyes, tiny polka dots, and small flowers are some designs that are not too loud but still help you pull off that look you’re aiming for.

If you want to be on the safe side, go for a pair of leopard print leggings. This particular print is quite popular and a favorite among women who love wearing prints because it’s considered neutral. This means it would look great with any solid colored top. Mischa Barton was once photographed wearing it with a black tank, black jacket, and a pair of nifty black ankle boots. The outfit generally looked simple but the effect was fabulous!

Legs can make or break you. However, with a pretty pair of printed leggings and the right pair of shoes, you can create the illusion of long legs. Of course, you can always elongate your legs by wearing leggings with vertical stripes. Nevertheless, the easiest and most failsafe fix is to wear heels or wedges with your printed leggings. Your best bet is to wear sexy ankle boots with your bottom for that A-lister look.

Wear confidence

Your printed leggings and ankle boots already speak volumes about your wardrobe choices but you would want to look for the perfect complement to the ensemble. A simple top, perhaps one in a solid color or with a silhouette that’s either slimming or flattering, would be a good pick.

Don’t buy just about any available design on the racks. You need to think about the patter itself. Unlike vertical stripes that elongate your legs, horizontal stripes are a tad tricky. In addition, prints in screaming colors are a no-no.

Leggings are not pants

While printed leggings paired with a gorgeous pair of Reef boots and a flattering top will help you seal the look, remember that leggings are not pants. Hence, always pair your leggings with a blouse, shirt, or any top that covers your derrière.

As a final word, be confident. If you want to look good while wearing printed leggings, then carry yourself with some swagger. People would notice if you feel good about what you’re wearing or not, and this is the same with almost any fashion trend. Therefore, if you want people to admire your sense of style, walk the talk and exude confidence.