That keeping the house  clean is something I pride myself in is true. Maintaining the room spic and span is one thing but keeping it with a homey, cozy look is all in all a different story. Well, there’s a lot of things one can do to get that cozy feel. You can have designer bedrooms with just about the choices of furniture and the minute details you incorporate in what’s supposed to be your comfort zone. And with the help of design powerhouses Kenzo, Fendi, Donna Karan and Etro, you can enjoy a well-decorated bedroom that will never go out of style as their fashion/clothing counterparts. Either as inspiration or getting a few pieces from their collection.

For starters let’s go with:

Paint. Try going for something that would shout. Although having beige is safe, why not try red? Red could be stimulating, yes but it could also be calming provided you choose a shade that intends that purpose. Try injecting walnut-colored panels and white linens to soften the look.

wall designer bedrooms
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Furniture and Bed. Invest in furniture that would suit the overall look of your bedroom. Choose a broad category that you most likely classify yourself with. That could be traditional: floor to floor draperies, rich wood dressers and cabinets like cherry or mahogany and bed dressed in layers, walls with your favorite photographs.

For an uptown look, choose platform beds…one that borders that and a zen feel, the only difference would be your choice of wall design and furniture. Choose white furniture and displays in vibrant colors.

Go with wood and wicker for a garden cottage look with matching commode and such of the same make. Wallpapers  in green or anything depicting nature would also give that “outside” look intention.

If you are the adventurous type, go exotic with inspiration from the Caribbean or African – choose beach colors and tribal respectively to achieve the look you want. A rug or two here and there of appropriate colors would accentuate your room just the same.

Designer Bedrooms bedsheets
fendi bed sheets

Bed sheets and pillows. Choose bed sheets that will match the wall color of your choice. Here is one from Fendi’s bed linen collection. There may have been a lot of replicas of this make so be sure you buy authentic products direct from the store or website. While it is safe to have white, try to match your sheets with the color of your wall. Brown goes well with beige and so would apple green. But, if you’re the rebellious type, you can always have your linens mismatched.

Use pillows with reservation, too much pillow might not look as cozy but if you have a a ginormous bed, it’s alright to have them in abundance.

Lighting. Lighting does works wonders. with careful choosing, your room would appear bigger and cozier with the choice of lighting you have. Mirrors, as you know will make rooms look bigger so invest in some with installed lighting.

Accessories. Feel free to add your personal choice of displays, vases, flower pots and even picture frames. You can also install a small bookshelf for your favorites which will come handy when you feel like staying in your room with the company of your favorite book character. Give your bedroom a personal touch and you will surely look forward to coming home everyday, with the thought of being refreshed and relaxed for having a good night’s sleep.