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Bedside Lighting Basics

It might be a girl thing but bedside lighting is more than just a light at the side of your bed.  It needs to be the perfect balance of a number of things.  You need it to be bright enough so you can find your slippers in the morning but not so bright that is blinds you for the first ten minutes of the day.  The light needs to be the exact brightness that makes you look beautiful but does not highlight every blemish and flaw in the evenings but also be bright enough to read your book.  It also needs to be easily accessible and easy to use, there is nothing worse than being ready for lights out and having to half hang out of bed to turn your light off or fumbling about in the morning looking for a tiny hard to find on switch.   The light needs to look the part as well, stylish and fitting with your room without overtaking the whole of the side of your bed.

  Bedside Lighting Basics 1Bedside Lighting Basics 2

The Geoffrey Harris shop in Battersea offers a great range of beautiful bedside lighting.  You can visit their shop online or go to the store itself.  Online delivery is quick, next day if ordered before 12 and the products are couriered to ensure safe delivery. Here are some of my top picks of their lamps.

The full range of bedside table lamps is available to view online if you click here but out of the range my favourites are the Cuboluce table lights.  The clever design means that to turn the light on your open the lid and to turn the lights out you simply shut the lid.  Available in black, white and red these cube lights look great as well as being really practical; using a 40w bulb this light will be perfect.

If you prefer to have a wall mounted bedside light then again Geoffrey Harris have a great range available which you can view by clicking here.  Wall mounted bedside lights offer the advantage of not getting knocked off when searching for your light in the early hours and the right type of light can have a flexible head allowing you to tilt the head to ensure you get the correct amount of light that you need.  The Tolomeo Faretto is a good example of this kind of light.

22 thoughts on “Bedside Lighting Basics

  1. If I had a modern style rather than a traditional one to my bedroom I would so want the cube lamps you featured. I really like them.

  2. I enjoyed browsing their website. They have a fairly nice selection of lights for other rooms as well. I would really love to have the Momo Matt Nickel lamps on either side of my bed. Very nice!

  3. Bedside lighting is so hard. It needs to be bright enough for me to read, but not bother my husband who is trying to sleep. This looks like something I may look into.

  4. I’m more of a contemporary style person, however I don’t care I absolutely love these. I think my daughter would get the most use out of one. Maybe for christmas 🙂 Thanks for the idea!!

  5. This is really such a great idea. To be able to get rid of the regular beside lamps and have mounted lighting is such a wonderful idea for me!!

  6. What a great idea, so stylish…I’m redecorating our bedroom soon, will be keeping these bedside lamps in mind. Thank you

  7. This would be such a bloody blessing, as my current lamp is marble with brass pull chains to turn the light on and off – beautiful, yes… however my cats have learned how to sit on the bedside table and bat the brass ball at the end of the chain into the marble column. Nice way to be woken up every TWO hours to go feed the monsters. So thinking I was being smart, I started wrapping the brass ball in cotton to muffle the sound it made. They retaliated by learning how to put their paw on top of the ball with the chain between their toes and turn the bleeding light on and off all bloody night long!! So yes, this lamp would be a divine blessing, and might save my job (as I am getting crankier and crankier with less sleep each night). 🙂

  8. According to the website those little cube lights are called “cuboluce” and I think they are adorable, I’d love to have one.

  9. I am really fussy about bedside lighting, because I read so much in bed. I do so love the ones in your picture.

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