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Stylish Furniture from a Fashion Designer

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When I was a child, there are many things I had hoped to become when I grow up. Two of those were to design my would be daughter’s dresses and to design the would be home of my would be family. These happened to some extent but not fully. I was able to make my daughter a peach dress for a friend’s wedding this year. There aren’t so many dresses around here for that color and I probably would have paid about 120€ if I ever found one. Interior-wise, I was also able to design our humble abode somehow. Though I would have wanted something simpler yet sophisticated.

I may not have lived those dreams of mine but I take great inspiration from one who did. It’s no other than Japanese fashion designer Kenzo Takada, founder of Kenzo, distributor of one of my favorite brand of perfumes, skincare products and clothes. He started his designs with fabrics from flea sales, mixing a number of bold fabrics to create a piece of clothing. Kenzo retired in 1999 from his fashion house. However, he came back with a different mission, that is to be a decoration designer, thus Kenzo Maison.

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What could be more eye catchy than these Kenzo poufs and side tables (above photos) in your own living room? These poufs or ottoman has wheels that one can move them easily using the leather handle. Handbag inspired, these bucket-shaped seats are adorned with a beautiful flower fabric Kenzo is known for and there’s also an enchanting, giant flower on the side handle for some cuteness.

During my free time I browse around to get inspiration on how to best design a small house. My take is to have a living room like the one pictured below – colorful seats, hardwood bookshelves and floors, some walnut center table of different designs, some more consoles for inspiration, there’s always a trove of them across the web. It is quite a challenge to design homes without sacrificing space. I have seen a lot of inspiring interior at pinterest and there are many ideas showing how to maximize use of nooks, hidden spaces, stairs and all those. Even wall prints and paints are taken into consideration and I would love a Kenzo-inspired wall too!

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24 thoughts on “Stylish Furniture from a Fashion Designer

  1. I never knew Kenzo is such a multitalented designer. Those seats are just fabulous. The living room photo just makes me wanna relax and enjoy a lazy afternoon. So nice.

  2. the right furniture can make a difference in a house. I wish I am good at choosing the right furniture and I wish more that I can afford to buy expensive ones.

  3. Japan has some really interesting fashion. i dont think i could wear their fashion, it doesnt suit me. but that livingroom is really pretty, except for the purple color, i dont think it matches. =D

  4. You can really tell that this designs in a home also comes from a fashion designer as they are not afraid to play with colors, texture, and patterns 🙂 I love the style but I think my husband won’t approve if we apply it in our house 🙂

  5. Gorgeous! I love Kenzo’s fabrics and always wondered if they were available in anything except clothes. Someday if I win the lottery….!

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