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Elvis Presley, the Brady Bunch, and the Swedish pop group ABBA are celebrity names that come to mind when we talk about jumpsuits in the 60s and the 70s. Who wouldn’t notice the white flashy jumpsuit of Elvis Presley in the latter part of his career, the matching one piece outfits of ABBA group members, nor the colorful ones that the Brady Bunch wore in their movie. It remained popular in the early 80s but faded away from the scene in the succeeding years.

The jumpsuit made a huge comeback in the fashion world in 2009 and this time high end fashion designers displayed their genius in making one piece outfits that can be worn for just about any occasion. Resort wear fashion features loose fitting jumpsuits in light and flowing materials while casual and work pieces have more fitted designs. High end jumpsuit fashion in different cuts and style may even be found in evening parties and even red carpet events. There are also tight fitting designs that look more like a cat suit, but these can be quite difficult to pull off and should be reserved for those with great bodies and good sense of style. Modern jumpsuits are usually cinched around the waist and paired with stilettos, high-heeled shoes or high sandals. It remained to be a fashion fad in 2010 but not much attention was given to it in the following years. That is until the summer of 2012 when jumpsuit lovers strutted out in their cool outfits and brought it back in the limelight. Fashion Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, and Jennifer Lopez have already been spotted looking hot and chic in their jumpsuits.

You don’t need a neon sign that says Fashion Comeback: Jumpsuit for 2012 to know that these comfy and versatile clothing pieces are not yet ready to jump out of the fashion scene. Celebrities aren’t the only ones loving this fashion piece. There are also fashion fanatics who can’t seem to get enough of it, a clear indication that jumpsuits are going to be IN for a little longer.