Jumping into the Fitness Fad with Jumping Rope

If you keep abreast with the latest news, you would surely have heard about the ill effects of poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles of some individuals. These types of news have made people more conscious about the importance of keeping fit to enjoy a long and healthy life with loved ones. Getting fit is not just a fad though. It is a lifestyle that one chooses.

The road to physical fitness is filled with a wide variety of fitness routine, equipment and expert advice for you to choose from. Some can be expensive but there are also practical choices that can give you a good workout without wearing out your budget. One of the most cost effective exercise tools that may be enjoyed by both kids and adults is the jump rope.

jumping ropeThe game of jumping rope that children play is also one of the essential routines in a boxer’s training program. It helps them improve their speed or agility, balance, endurance and muscle strength. Professional wrestlers, tennis and badminton players and athletes engaged in endurance sports, are likewise known to include jump rope exercises in their work-out programs. Health and fitness experts recognize the health benefits that go with jumping rope. It helps burn calories and strengthens the upper and lower body while improving our cardiovascular fitness.

However, jumping rope must be done properly for it to be considered as an effective and safe routine. Just as in most exercises, stretching and cooling down activities should be done before and after jumping rope. You should also consult your physician first to make sure that your body can take the demands of the activity. Beginners should start with the basic jump or the double foot jump wherein both feet take off from the ground as the rope passes under them. Remember to slightly bend your knees and keep high on your toes when jumping. The balls of your feet should be the ones absorbing the impact to avoid any injury. Gradually work on increasing the speed and intensity of your jumps to get more from your workout. Soon enough, you can work your way to the more complicated routines.

Jumping Rope can give your body a serious workout and allow you to have fun at the same time. There are several rope tricks, like the Double Dutch, that you can incorporate in your routine to add some spice or difficulty in your routine. Those who have already joined the fitness bandwagon are on their way to healthier bodies and improved confidence. It’s not too late to jump into a new form of exercise with equipment as affordable, portable, and easy to use as the jump rope.

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Marie Gizelle

Marie is a 38-year-old mom who enjoys having facials and a good mask even at home.