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Telling Time in Style: Wrap Watch Fashion for Girls

Tweens are really challenging to buy gifts for. They are at an awkward stage where their interests swing from childish stuff to more “mature” young adult stuff. While they have definitely outgrown their kiddie shirts with cartoon characters emblazoned in front, wrap watches for kids still remain in their “like” list. This is because this type of accessory comes in a variety of styles and designs through which they can express their individuality. And since there are no buckles or snaps to worry about, they are convenient to use – perfect for those days when they have to rush out to make it to their bus stop.


The wrap watch craze started a couple of years ago, but it still is enjoying great preference among girls. There is no need to resize the strap at all. These watches fit all wrist sizes. Most watch manufacturers have their own line of wrap watch designs. You can find these accessories in various watch retailers online and offline. Since they are affordable, they make perfect gifts for tweens. Some already come packaged in plastic boxes that can easily be gift wrapped.

It is not difficult to take care of these wrap watches. They definitely do not need the kind of care that your designer watches need. They are, after all, made to be worn by kids. For as long as they do not bang the watch around or use it as a doorstop, the wrap watch will last. Most girls have more than one wrap watch so they can match the color of their watch with their outfit and other accessories. For these girls, these wrap watches are definitely a fashionable way to tell time.

6 thoughts on “Telling Time in Style: Wrap Watch Fashion for Girls

  1. That’s a cute idea for kids. At least they can’t give the excuse if they’re late that they didn’t know what time it was.

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