Can Women Drink Protein Shakes?

If you want the short answer, it’s YES, however if you would like to know why then read on.

I hear it all the time, “protein shakes are to bulk up, right?” This myth of protein being used to “bulk up” really gets on my nerves. Protein is just a macro nutrient which can come from chicken, tuna, eggs, milk etc. It is true that high protein diets aid in muscle growth and recovery but it is also true that protein is important when dieting or going through a “fat loss” phase.


Personally, I recommend whey protein to everyone, this is because whey protein powder is just that – protein powder, none of the added simple carbohydrates and filler ingredients which are found in meal replacement shakes are in it. Secondly, mixing up your whey protein with different fruit (fresh or frozen) makes it taste amazing and also has the added benefits of iron, zinc, B and E vitamins. Adding the fruits to shakes will also add more dietary fibre which supports weight management.

When I asked Puneet of Reflexions Of A Personal Trainer, he had the following to say:

As women get older they become prone to osteoporosis and weight gain around the stomach area. Adding in a regular protein drink can help reduce the chances of this affecting them. Shakes by themselves cannot help you build muscle or lose fat but when combining this with a good workout regime it can help you reach your end goal.”

He also suggested that as long as there’s a sufficient amount of protein in your diet, from quality sources like lean meat, fatty fish and eggs, there isn’t a need to supplement with whey protein. If however, you struggle to fit in varied sources of protein in your diet, a shake will do just fine!

 Try This!


1 Scoop Whey Protein (flavour of your choice)

200-300ml of Almond Milk (or water)

1 Tablespoon Greek Yoghurt

Handful of Spinach

½ Teaspoon of Peanut Butter

Handful of Blueberries

½ Frozen Banana

You will not be disappointed!