Selector pins – The parts that provide convenience of adjusting the height and length

selector pinsSelector pins are also known as weight stack pins. They are used to adjust the weight of a particular application and to adjust the length and height of the application. They can be used in various applications. They can be used in various applications like weight machine, selectorized machine, exercise machine, various fitness equipment etc. But they are most widely used in fitness machines and equipment. There are various types of such pins are available in the market. The different types of pins are designed to be used in different types of purposes and with different types of applications. The usage and replacement mechanism of these pins are extremely easy.

Detailed specification of selector or weight stack pins

Weight stack pins are widely used to select the correct weight option especially in fitness equipment. They can be used in various other fast acting binding applications as well. A spring attached with the application helps the detent ball within the machine to release the weight faster, which gets retracted on pushing the pin again. There are various standard pins available in the market and apart from these, the pins can be ordered as per the requirement also. These can be ordered easily through online mode and it gets shipped to the customers’ address within a span of 1 day.

Different types of Selector pins

These pins are available in the market in different forms and varieties. Different types of pins cater different types of purposes. The names of different types of pins are Ring selector, Ball handled, L shaped weight selector, Body Master with or without tether, Universal, Life fitness, Weight pin etc. The sizes of these pins differ from each other. Some of the pins are described below in brief:

  • Ring Selector – These pins fit almost all the weight machines. The options of sizes available are 4–1/2 inches and 3–1/12 inches. Diameter is 3/8 inches.
  • Ball handled – They are meant for any type of gym weight machines. The options of sizes are plenty. These are available with and without tether.
  • L shaped – These pins are again used for the selection of the weights in the machines and they are available in wide ranges of sizes. These come with tethers.
  • Body Master with and without tether- These types of pins without tethers help people to choose the required weight and compatible with all types of body Master machines. The pins with the tethers offer further protection against loss and provide extra safety. The diameter of these pins is 1/4 inches and the shaft size is 4 inches.
  • Universal Pins – The Universal pins come with tether and they are almost compatible for all types of weight machines. The sizes of the diameter and shaft are respectively, 1/4 inches and 4 inches.
  • Life fitness – These selector pins fit almost all the weight machines used for fitness. These pins are used to adjust the weight as per the need. The tether is provided to prevent the loss and to ensure safety.  

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Clean, Swing, and Snatch – Lifting Kettlebells for Better Fitness


It might not look much but these cannonball-like exercise implements are much more effective than any other complicated machines around today. Kettlebells have a lot of benefits to offer you in terms of fitness. Experts in Sports Medicine and Fitness all agree that kettlebells work your muscles and joints in a more harmonious way than other fitness machines. Although this metal ball is used by bodybuilders, even regular people can reap the benefits of a good kettlebell workout. Many have, in fact, shared stories about how they were able to lose weight and tone their muscles successfully with just a few minutes with their kettlebells every day.

Core Strengthening. Because the kettlebells offset your center of gravity, your core works harder to stabilize the body especially with the standing exercises. These exercises are able to work your abdominal muscles, as well as your back muscles and your obliques. The result is a flatter midsection and a nipped waistline. Since your core is made stronger, your spine is well-supported and you are less likely to develop any back injuries.

Quick Total Body Workout. An effective workout should not take several hours to complete. Kettlebell workouts are short and simple, using only one small piece of equipment that you can actually use right in your own living room – just make sure that you stay away from breakables to prevent accidents. You only need to spend thirty minutes or even less to do an entire kettlebell workout. Find out what the right moves are and how many reps and sets you have to do for best results.

Stronger and More Powerful Muscles. By varying the weight of your kettlebells, you can strengthen your muscles and develop muscle endurance. In the same way, you can also vary the speed at which you perform your exercises for different end results.

A professional fitness trainer can give you an idea of how to reach your fitness goals through this small exercise equipment. You do not even have to spend for the services of such a professional. Just go online and you will find a lot of kettlebell exercise guides. I just downloaded a few videos myself so I can try out my brand new pair of 8-lb kettlebells. ^_^