Month: November 2012

Is Exercise advisable for Cancer Patients?

  Today, more than 11 million people living in the US have cancer. The common doctor’s advice for cancer patients has for a long time been, ”Take it easy.” For a long time, doctors assumed that exercise was likely to lead to negative health effects for cancer patients. However, a recent survey conducted by the Macmillan

Skin Firming Cream Products: Do They Really Work?

  The skin is the human body’s largest organ and its roles are very crucial to overall health and well being. Some of its notable functions are protection against pathogens, temperature regulation, insulation, and production of Vitamin D folates, among others. Because the skin is exposed to a myriad of harmful elements, damages are rampant to those who do not take

Clean, Swing, and Snatch – Lifting Kettlebells for Better Fitness

— It might not look much but these cannonball-like exercise implements are much more effective than any other complicated machines around today. Kettlebells have a lot of benefits to offer you in terms of fitness. Experts in Sports Medicine and Fitness all agree that kettlebells work your muscles and joints in a more harmonious way