A Touch of Femininity at Your Fingertips with Girlish Nail Polish

Light and flowing summer dresses and flirty outfits are usual options for those who would like to feel a bit girly this season. But clothes aren’t the only things that women can wear to express their femininity. Finger tips clad in girlish nail polish are also great tools to add some feminine touch in any […]

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Arm Candy

Telling Time in Style: Wrap Watch Fashion for Girls

Tweens are really challenging to buy gifts for. They are at an awkward stage where their interests swing from childish stuff to more “mature” young adult stuff. While they have definitely outgrown their kiddie shirts with cartoon characters emblazoned in front, wrap watches for kids still remain in their “like” list. This is because this […]

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Accessories Earrings Jewelry

Pulling it off with the right choice of earrings

For someone with relatively small ears, I prefer big, dangling earrings that draw attention to them. I feel uncomfortable whenever people notice my ears. Have you actually considered the size and shape of earrings you wear? Like wearing clothes, there’s a formula for buying and wearing your earrings. Here’s some. Consider your face shape. I believe earrings should […]

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Accessories Beads

Shiny And Attractive Gemstone Beads

Gemstone beads are made from both precious to semi-precious minerals thus they exude remarkable shine which make them very attractive. Different gemstone beads are not only elegant but they show off their different characteristics which can reflect the different personality and style of different people. For example, there are gemstones that reflect strong emotions and […]

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