Choosing Fit and Comfortable Riding Clothes 1

Choosing Fit and Comfortable Riding Clothes

Horseback riding is an exciting and challenging leisure activity, it also keeps you fit. But, it can also be one painful experience for an ill equipped and inappropriately dressed rider. Wearing complete and properly fitted riding attire is a safety essential that protects the rider against injuries. It also ensures that one will enjoy a horse ride in comfort. In the case of competing horsemen, fit and comfortable riding clothes help increase their riding efficiency and endurance.

comfortable riding clothesHelmet, pants or jodhpurs, gloves and boots are the essential clothing pieces that a rider should have in order to get ample protection. Regardless of the skill or purpose for riding, quality and fit should be the foremost consideration in buying riding attires. A rider’s outfit is his only protection against injuries that may arise from a fall or any horsing accident. He has to make sure that his helmet, pants, jodhpurs and are good enough to provide the protection he needs and comfortable enough to finish the ride without any aches. Clothes that fit perfectly ensure comfort and convenience for the rider. It also prevents minor injuries like bruising, soreness, scuffing, or blisters for those who would like to go on long rides. Pants protect the legs from being scratched or scuffed during the horse ride. Snug-fit is the best fit for riding because it minimizes the chances of pants twisting or bunching along the side of the legs. Stretch pant, jeans, sweatpants, and riding tights are the most comfortable options for casual rides. Some riding tights have knee and seat patches to keep buttocks from getting sore and have a better grip.

Just like any footwear, the riding boots must feel comfortable and fit the rider well. Otherwise, he may find himself suffering from blisters, sore feet and corns or calluses. Ill-fitting boots may also make it difficult for the rider to control movement since it can affect the grip on the stirrups. Dublin jodhpurs boots are popular options for comfortable everyday riding.

There are plenty of specialty shops that offer a complete line of riding apparel for both kids and adult, for one Jodhpur boots from Equestrian Clearance can be ordered online. They are often the best places to find comfortable riding clothes that fit well and feel well to ensure that you enjoy each riding experience.


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21 thoughts on “Choosing Fit and Comfortable Riding Clothes

  1. Horse back riding is so far the most favorite look-forward activity of my boys. We have a friend who has a horse farm in Batangas and whenever we feel like going, we visit over the weekend and enjoy in the barn. 🙂 unfortunately we dont have the right gear for that. I guess I should find a suitable gear for my kiddos.

  2. I only ride horse one time back in our old house with my husband guiding me 🙂 We need comfy riding clothes to have a fun riding or else the horse thought you are are uncomfy riding with him and he can sense that 🙂

  3. I definitely agree to wear comfortable clothing fit for horse back-riding. Honestly I haven’t tried riding a horse, though I rode on carabao’s back in our barrio in Pinas 🙂

  4. I know I will never be an Equestrian since I am afraid of horses though I like to see them from a far. hahaha.. The horses can sense my fear. hehehe.. Definitely need some good and comfy pants for that ride. 🙂

  5. I remember horseback riders in our place that they have to wear the appropriate clothing too. your idea made me think of them and you’re absolutely right. now have an idea to do horseback riding one of these days.

  6. I am afraid of riding a horse because of that quite traumatic incident in Baguio wherein we tried to sit RJ on a horse for picture taking. The horse got agitated for no apparent reason and gone wild. Good thing that hubby was very swift in saving RJ. I am afraid of riding a horse but dreaming of wearing riding clothes though. 🙂

  7. horseback riding is an elite sport and well, it’s expensive but it truly is fun. I couldn’t agree more with your points in choosing the right gears and outfit in engaging in such sport..being uncomfortable while on it may lead to accidents as well.

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