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Great Vienna Inventory Sale Loot

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Vienna’s inventory sale started early June and lasted until the early days of August. Whew! Summing up everything that I bought, I came up with almost 500 euros, summing up the discounts, it’s the same. ^_^ I saved half of what one would usually have paid at regular prices.

For shoes, I was able to buy about 9 pairs, some of those I gifted my mom, sister and mom-in-law. I also got 3 more for the daughter who seem like her feet suddenly got blown bigger this season.

H&M has lots of price-downs that I took the opportunity to buy shirts and pants for son1, he’s gotten bigger too and most of his clothes are now fit for the little boy. I also got dresses from the Conscious collection at half the price and I would be gifting friends with those…oopps, I wasn’t supposed to disclose that!

Zara never disappoints. Its fashion offering for autumn and summer as well as the rainy days top my choices, I spend half of the 500euro in three of their branches. I got the kids rain jackets, longsleeve shirts and summer statement shirts that are just too adorable.

There’s a lot more loot I got but I have to look at my photos to know which is which. All in all, Vienna’s inventory sale rocks!

kids fashion zara
Zara Basic tees and shorts

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  1. I love how they do the sales in Europe. I am headed to Greece for a while and cannot wait to shop. They even have discounts at Sephora!

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