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H&M makes shopping for Kids more fun

H&M makes shopping for Kids more fun 1H&M makes shopping for Kids more fun 2

Let me rephrase the title. H&M makes shopping for moms easier — by installing game consoles in selected stores. Those are X-Boxes my kids played with as I search for stuff, not only for me but for them as well. I had to disturb son1 a bit for him to try the shoes on.

I find it really convenient. There are stores that have television installed in a small corner, some pillows on the floor where kids could wait as mom or dad shops for their shoes or pants but my kids agree that this is cooler! They get to play and save their feet from pain of too much walking around. I, could also look around with less complaints from them. teehee.

H&M makes shopping for Kids more fun 3

That day, even though I’ve finished shopping, they still wanted to stay and finish the game – they said we don’t have it at home, that’s why. Thanks H&M!

3 thoughts on “H&M makes shopping for Kids more fun

  1. yay! hope SM big bosses will hear this out. er, more benches would do me good:) seemed like all malls here lacked seating areas.

    (i’m super envious naman with the PR here. galing!)

  2. Oh my! I wish they would incorporate that here too! I cannot go shopping with the kids because Lucas would always complain how he couldn’t breathe in the store of my choice and Chakai would always say she feels dizzy. 😛 They only feel that way in my choice of store though.. 😛 Kids… 😀

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