Every internal organ is extremely important that requires a person to take care of them by following some doctor’s advice, medications, having a healthy diet and regular exercise. Among these organs, kidneys play a crucial role in making sure that the blood circulating around the body is free from any bad bacteria, waste products and other harmful substances. On a daily basis, about 20 percent of the blood passes through the kidneys to clean it purposely. And there are 2 quarts of waste products that are being sifted from the blood prior it is allowed to return to usual circulation. Some people tend to neglect to take good care of their kidneys because they are not fully educated about the role that kidneys play in the body.

Each of the pair of kidneys is composed of millions of tinier units, or most commonly referred to as nephrons. These nephrons consist of a very small blood vessel intertwisted with a small tubule which is responsible for collecting the urine. And as the blood passes through the millions of nephrons, there is an interaction between the blood vessel and tubule. The result of this complex interaction is the effective elimination of waste products in the blood. These wastes are the ones found in the urinary tract and end up excreted in the urine, which is the reason why people most commonly say that the urine is filled with bacteria and other harmful organisms. In adding more to this, kidneys also perform other functions like keeping maintenance of the right concentrations of important substances and ion components in the blood. Other functions include the following:

  • Kidneys keep maintenance of the acid-base component of the blood
  • Regulation of the blood composition
  • Keeping blood pressure at a normal level
  • Maintain the right calcium level that the body needs
  • Help in promoting the growth of red blood cells (RBCs)

Nephrologists like Dr. Paul Frymoyer make all necessary efforts to educate their patients about the risks of having kidney disease. They provide pieces of advice consistently to ensure patients’ safety. However, although this kind of efforts have been done, there are over 310,000 Americans still suffer from kidney failure and other kidney diseases. A lot of studies also showed that an average person has a 1 percent chance (out of 10) in developing kidney stones some time in his or her lifetime. So, it is advisable to visit a doctor regularly to be able to identify any kidney disease at the earliest stages possible. People need to take care of their health and pay close attention to kidneys as well because every internal organ performs crucial functions.

To maintain a health kidney, specialists like Dr. Paul Frymoyer would advice their patients to have a much healthier diet and increase water intake to take good advantage of the benefits of kidney cleanse. Water fasting is also a good way to cleanse the kidney and help it function effectively. This involves larger quantities of water intake, to detoxify the kidneys.


Andrea is a registered dialysis nurse who had taken hours of training for kidney care. Her younger brother is a dialysis patient. Doctor Paul Frymoyer is one of her inspirations to continue serving patients with kidney diseases.

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