Smoking tobacco has always been a major source of health complications in both men and women before the introduction of the ecigarette. According to health studies, tobacco smokers are normally under a great risk of getting lung and heart disorders due to the harmful soot created by the tobacco when puffed. Things become even worse when non-smokers are also affected by the smoke released by active smokers in what is normally known as passive smoking. This has led to the rise of ecigarettes which are considered to be the safest way of smoking. A recent study carried out by health experts also reveal that many smokers are now switching to ecigarettes due to their numerous benefits.There are various motives why cigarette or tobacco smokers switch to these e-cigs. The top 4 reasons are as follows:

Most smokers are faced with numerous restrictions especially when they try to smoke in public. Nowadays, it is against the law to smoke in the office, coffee shops, parks or other public areas simply because of the threat of affecting passive smokers. However, electronic cigarettes can be smoked anywhere because they do not burn. They only release vapor that is not harmful to the health of active and passive smokers.

Health concerns
Most tobacco manufacturers normally provide a particular warning to smokers regarding the health risks associated with smoking tobacco. Such warnings rarely prevent the smokers from smoking traditional cigarettes therefore endangering their internal body organs such as the lungs, liver, heart and kidney. The introduction of electronic cigarettes is aimed at eliminating the health risks since the vapor is harmless but it still maintains the nicotine flavor. This option is very suitable for those types of smokers who find it difficult to quit this habit yet they are still concerned with their health. The harmless vapor does not clog the arteries and besides, it does not form a layer of soot like it is the case with traditional cigarettes.

It is always easy to identify a smoker just by the smell. This can be embarrassing especially in the workplace where you will be required to interact with your fellow employees, superiors or even the clients. Some smokers lose their jobs mainly because of the unpleasant tobacco odor that ruins the relationship between employees and their clients. This is one of the major reasons why smokers are now switching to electronic cigarettes because they are odorless yet they still have the same feeling and taste of an ordinary cigarette. As an employee, you can smoke the electronic cigarette at your free time and go back to the office without any strange odor.

Cost effective
Electronic cigarettes help in saving cash because they are less harmful to one’s health. Most tobacco smokers normally face a lot of complications such as coughing and difficulty in breathing. Such health complications require a lot of cash to treat but this can be avoided by smoking electronic cigarettes. Besides, most of them are cheap and rechargeable therefore providing a financial reprieve for smokers.

These are the major reasons why smokers switch to electronic cigarettes. If you are a habitual smoker, always bear in mind that your health comes first before anything else. These cigarettes give you the chance to smoke safely especially when you find it hard to quit this habit.

Sherry McLarson is a professional health writer and editor for online magazines and forums that aim at sensitizing the public about general hygiene, fitness and healthy living. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and currently, she is researching a project about the health benefits of the ecigarette  and its impact on the lives of smokers.

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