Month: January 2012

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #6

If you’re new here (well, this blog is relatively new or not much updated) I recommend hitting the subscribe button, by doing so and joining us in this Caravan you can win 10$ too! Joining us also means gaining readers or widening your blog’s reach. Simply click on the badge to know more. This week’s

Garnier Anti-ruff conditioner

My hair is and will always the one healthy thing about me. For as far as I remember I’ve always had shiny black hair. I had it once until my waist but for kids, the problem you get are lice. Teehee, good thing my mom would be to the rescue. Now though, going out means

My Yves Rocher Facial Mask and Moisturizer

I would recommend organic facial masks or homemade if you’d like to call it, with one of the recipes I posted earlier on. (See 2 posts down). I just don’t have all the time in the world to mix such concoction everyday so having masks like the ones pictured above or those that can be

Yves Rocher Shower Gels and Shampoo

These are some more loots from my Yves Rocher box. I got these 3 shower gels for free when I ordered from their online shop. Far left is a shampoo fit to use when out on a beach for the summer so I’ve yet to use it. In the middle is pink lotus flower  from

Edible Remedy

I have always believed articles I read about home remedy for acne and other home related cures. This is because I’ve tried some myself. One of the popular home ingredient is the oatmeal, it helps calm and moisturize the skin and also remedies dryness. Mixed with ingredients like fresh tomatoes, oatmeal also helps oily and

Becoming fit starts with one big step

To say that one wants to be fit is easy. To become fit is another story. That there’s no easy way to attaining that bod you’ve always dreamed of is true so it’s really good if you stop making excuses and actually go to the gym and sweat. I did. I called the gym and

If all else fails

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.   Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. The awesome thing is that you can fool that eye into thinking that something is flawlessly beautiful. If you’ve always dreamed of making it to the cover of Cosmopolitan, well that dream may just possibly turn

Just Another Skin-related post

Just when I thought I am free from the skin troubles that young adults face,I started having pimples again. I can’t say that it is exactly adult acne but I’m not dropping the possibility. I am 30 and yet I feel like that time when I would be frustrated seeing one pimple pop up my