alcoholic drink fitness regime

Getting fit – and staying fit – requires a very particular lifestyle.

Fitness enthusiasts need to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly to really reap the benefits of a healthy regime, but, putting it into practise can be difficult.

Temptation is never far away, whether it’s in the form of a takeaway or the possibility of a few drinks with friends.

Just as hitting the gym hard is important if you want to look and feel great, so too is relaxing and having the odd treat every now and then, which could mean enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two.

Everything in moderation is a mantra to be mindful – and here, courtesy of Predator Nutrition, is a guide to which drinks you should have and which to avoid.


  • Wine
  • Any spirit providing the mixer that accompanies it is sugar free

Don’t drink

  • Beer
  • Some cocktails, like strawberry daiquiris and piña coladas

The inclusion of beer in the ‘don’t drink’ list may seem unfair, but not when you consider that the average pint of lager contains around 250 calories. Wine, in comparison, has roughly half the amount of calories per glass.

While this list is just intended to be a guide to the type of the drinks fitness fanatics should be drinking and avoiding, it’s worth going back to an earlier point that everything in moderation is a pretty good ethos to adopt.

And, don’t forget, drink responsibly no matter what your particular tipple is.

Written by

Marie Gizelle

Marie is a 38-year-old mom who enjoys having facials and a good mask even at home.