Pimples, and a lot at that! You must be kidding! That was my initial reaction when I first had a breakout, that was 2 years stopping from taking in contraceptive pills triggered not just acne but weight gain as well. Frustrating – that’s how I feel. Imagine your clear skin suddenly looks so dirty and unhealthy! I’ve been through many different adult acne treatment even heeding advice from acne treatment reviews here and there, some recommended by those who experienced the same, some from what I read from online forums, then there’s also the teraphy given by dermatologists and I even underwent facial treatment from a skin expert. None helped, and for a whole year, I had to face my embarassing face with contempt. I shed money (not weight) for the topical lotions, creams, toner and all that and for the supplements that I thought would help stop the breakout. (See photo)

I finally found one that has helped me… all honesty…Vitamin C & E 😀 . It didn’t only stop the breakouts but I now have glowing, healthy skin…There are still occasional pimples coming out but I know, soon this will pass. 😀

*What may be effective for me may not be to others. I’m only sharing my experience.

Written by

Marie Gizelle

Marie is a 38-year-old mom who enjoys having facials and a good mask even at home.