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The Lure of Dubai Shopping Festival

  Every year, from mid January to mid February, the level of shopping goes several notches higher in Dubai, thanks to the Dubai Shopping Festival. The Dubai Shopping Festival is a government-led initiative launched in 1996 to revitalize Dubai’s retail trade. To say that the initiative was a hit would be an understatement, as the …

Gifts Gifts

Not so typical Gifts for Her

  There are a lot of options when it comes to giving women gifts. Perfume, jewelry, bags, shoes, any outfit in her favorite color will definitely be appreciated…even a bouquet of flowers and a bunch of chocolates. Whether you’re a woman giving a close friend a gift for her bridal shower or a guy trying …


Ankle Boots in June – Mismatch?

With the weather being crazy and that, it is inevitable to make sudden purchases, one would be this pair of ankle boots…just perfect for the cool winds sweeping this region. Yes, supposedly summer but definitely spring weather! Well, this pair will definitely be perfect for autumn should summer rightfully come!


When Too Much Shopping is TOO Much

Retail therapy. It’s the best excuse to feel good when you are battling that feeling of not being in control, when you feel like you’ve gotten a bit plump, or when you are too depressed over some other circumstances. Yes, shopping does improve your disposition even if it is short-lived. Everyone wants to look good, …