Ankle Boots in June – Mismatch?


With the weather being crazy and that, it is inevitable to make sudden purchases, one would be this pair of ankle boots…just perfect for the cool winds sweeping this region. Yes, supposedly summer but definitely spring weather!

Well, this pair will definitely be perfect for autumn should summer rightfully come!

19 thoughts on “Ankle Boots in June – Mismatch?

  1. Interesting. I guess if use can’t use them to long now then when fall comes you would be ready I like they way they zip and have a warm liner

  2. I’m a boot girl in the winter months myself. I actually wear a black pair of ankle boots with black slacks year round. The boots pictures are gorgeous! I love them!!!

  3. i wouldnt wear them now like fall and spring and not in water weather bc it looks swede cute wish i could wear heals those kinda boots made me break 3 bones in my ankle 7 yrs ago (slipped on black ice)

  4. Personally, I would not wear these during the summer months. However, some people run hot, and others cold. So, if some person would like to have these, I say, go wild.

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