The Lure of Dubai Shopping Festival


Every year, from mid January to mid February, the level of shopping goes several notches higher in Dubai, thanks to the Dubai Shopping Festival.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is a government-led initiative launched in 1996 to revitalize Dubai’s retail trade. To say that the initiative was a hit would be an understatement, as the DSF is now one of the most famous and sought-after shopping festivals all over the world. Proof of this is the more than 3 million people who troop to Dubai each year to take part in the festival.

Attending the festival is like hitting two birds with one stone – aside from the endless shopping spree, you would also be treated to an extravagant opening ceremony, complete with fireworks and light shows. All these take place on Dubai Creek, and the spectacular sky show continues throughout the festival.

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If you were a shopaholic, shopping during the Dubai festival is going to feel like your own personal Nirvana, what with all the discounts, huge discounts, on duty-free items. I know some people who have experienced shopping in Dubai during regular shopping days, and they can’t help but gush over the tax-free shopping. So you can just imagine how much better it would be if you were able to go tax-free shopping with massive discounts to boot!

Each year, the Dubai Shopping Festival gets bigger and more impressive than the one before it. That’s why it’s not surprising that the volume of shoppers and holidaymakers it attracts keeps getting bigger, too.

I guess that’s the undeniable lure of shopping. Bargain hunters like me would thrive in such an environment. It’s probably the only shopping festival where you could buy gold (yes, the metal!), major designer fashion labels, electronics, cars, and more at outstandingly cheap prices. Of course, signature products that are proudly made in Dubai are available, too. Oh, and that are competitions that run throughout the course of the festival where winners could win huge cash prizes.

However, even without the irresistible pull of shopping, every traveler would want to explore Dubai for the beautiful country that it is, especially during the festival. Concerts, fashion shows, film festivals, cultural events, and awesome street performances are aplenty.

Actually, traveling to Dubai is one entry in my bucket list since I know it has plenty to offer someone like me. I’m sure my camera would be busy as I check out the awesome sights. The Burj Al Arab is one place I want to see personally.

Maybe once I try to make a refined search of the things I can do in Dubai and read reviews of the events and places to enjoy there, I could start planning for a trip. Of course, I’d have to plan the trip around the Dubai Shopping Festival.

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