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The Cost of Beauty (Infographic)

 Different folks, different strokes. Different ages, different problem stages. 🙂 Here’s a look at how women spend on to keep their beauty.

Cost of Beauty Infographic




Marie Gizelle
<p>Marie is a 38-year-old mom who enjoys having facials and a good mask even at home.</p>

33 thoughts on “The Cost of Beauty (Infographic)

  1. Society is so hell bent on perfection, which leaves women so insecure if they are even 5 lbs overwgt or have a few imperfections. It is ridiculous. We are who we are!

  2. Just think if all this money was saved for emergencies and retirement instead! I would like to get a liposuction!

  3. Yes, the “price of beauty” is quite high, and thousands of people (both men and women) pay that price every day.

  4. I am really surprised that a boob job is not the number one procedure. I used to want to have my boobs bigger, but then I got pregnant and they grew and grew and grew! Now that I am done nursing I thought they would go back to a perky 34 B. nope they stayed a 36D and I find them a nuisance… I sure am glad I didn’t pay money for them.

  5. I would have thought some of the percentages would have been higher. I am kinda low maintenance, but only because I don’t have the money. It seems like everywhere you look today some woman has done something to her body or has alot of products to be well maintained.

  6. So true! I had to stop and take a look at my beauty spending. It was out of control!! This is awesome how it is broken down. This is me to the Tee.

  7. I love feeling beautiful and I believe if you can achieve this feeling then you will glow from the inside out.I love make up and beauty products but don’t go over-board because I also love natural beauty and try to stick to the basics, just to enhance what I already have.I like to say”shake what your momma gave you girl”.

  8. Well speaking as someone over 50, I spend most of my Beauty Dollars towards looking Prettier and Younger. Thanks for the info!

  9. Wow i knew the numbers were big, but not this big! Guess its time to start thinking about a career in this field!

  10. Oohh.. liposuction. Yikes! I guess women ate just more concerned with their own appearances. I haven’t been too bothered. Good thing my husband doesn’t like much makeup!

  11. i wish i could spend that amount a year i am lucky to get a hair cut a year…..but this yr im getting surgery mostly for health….

  12. I am surprised that hair care is so high…I’d have thought if women really wanted to stay young and beautiful sun protection would be on top!

  13. Wow, this really puts things in perspective, I cant believe how much women spend on makeup a month..ouch! But I cant seem to live without it!

  14. Women are charged too much for beauty products. As soon as one new thing comes out, there’s a new and improved version somewhere else.

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