Month: December 2011


(Repost from my other blog) For real. No, I didn’t go under the knife…well the traditional way of doing liposuction because I don’t have the courage to do that. And yes, I am doing regular work, walking distances and I don’t need time to spend recovery at home. How does i-Lipo work? The i-Lipo emits

On Acne

Pimples, and a lot at that! You must be kidding! That was my initial reaction when I first had a breakout, that was 2 years stopping from taking in contraceptive pills triggered not just acne but weight gain as well. Frustrating – that’s how I feel. Imagine your clear skin suddenly looks so dirty

Infrared Sauna

When I was still a regular gym attendant, I’ d see to it that I visit the infrared sauna room even for 30 minutes a day. Sitting there and idling could be the most vigorous activity I actually had all day. I sweat the most there than when I do some actual training. Outwardly one


I’m determined to really lose them stubborn fats so I’ve been building up muscles….I learned that the best way to do that is to consume the right amount of protein especially after a workout. Consuming protein after a strength training workout is critical to muscle recovery and hydration and would help build muscle fast. I

Power Plate for Starters

I finally went to try the Power Plate last week. After ten months of postponing I went to the gym and tried this new exercise machine for 30 minutes. It takes only that to sweat the same amount that I normally have in 1.5 hours on other gym machines. When I stepped on it and