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On average, your heart beats up to 100,000 times a day, depending on your activity level. This hard-working muscle relies on a healthy lifestyle to keep working effectively. You may not know your average blood pressure value, but your doctor takes it every time you visit the office. Be aware of your number to avoid any future health problems with a blood pressure monitor.

Your BP Rate Explained

When your doctor takes your blood pressure, the value is described as a fraction. Preferably, your blood pressure should be 120/80. This value actually describes two actions within your circulatory system. The top number, or 120, is the pressure exerted on your blood vessels when your heart is actively pumping. This blood vessel expansion value is typically higher than the lower number because of the increased pressure on your arteries. Acting as a control, the lower number provides your resting blood pressure when the vessels relax between heartbeats.

How To Take Accurate Measurements

Using an automatic blood pressure cuff, take your measurements at the same time everyday to get an average value. It is preferable for you to sit quietly for 15 to 20 minutes before taking the reading. Strenuous exercise or socializing immediately before a blood pressure reading can inaccurately boost your numbers. Keep your values accurate with a calm environment.

Position the cuff directly above your elbow, locating the hose in the middle of your inner arm. Take your reading according to the monitor’s instructions. Do not move or talk during the measurement. Accurate readings over several days give you a true picture of your cardiovascular health.

When To Visit Your Doctor And Possible Solutions

If your average blood pressure is higher than 140/90, you should visit your doctor for further tests. High blood pressure places excessive stress on your cardiovascular system. Your doctor will form a plan for you to reduce your pressure number. You may need to take a specialized medicine to keep your pressure down, but only your doctor can determine each individual case.

Keep up with a healthy diet and exercise program to naturally lower blood pressure. Visit for monitors that can increase your exercising potential and maximize heart rate ranges for weight loss and heart health. Although some high blood pressure is genetically-determined, many people simply need a healthier lifestyle. Fruit, vegetables and moderate exercise may be all that is necessary to keep you healthy and your heart strong.


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