Look Fresh Despite Workplace Stress

A properly applied make-up at the start of the work day helps create a fresh and professional look for office women. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to maintain this bright appearance throughout the day especially when one has to face a desk full of paperwork all the time. With hardly any time left to go or even think about a visit to the powder room, one can end up looking stressed and disheveled without realizing it. Aside from eating certain foods to keep your skin healthy, here are some suggestions on how to keep looking fresh at the office all day long.

1. Observe Proper Skin Care.

A good looking skin is one of the best beauty assets that a woman can have. It’s easier to look fresh all the time when one has great skin. There is no need to worry about covering blemishes, blotting out oil or looking older due to dry skin. Arm yourself with tools like Tea Tree Oil or creams with salicylic acid for acne or pimple breakouts, Blotting Tissue to get rid of midday shine, moisturizer, and facial spray for hydration and added freshness.

2. Know Your Cosmetics.

Make-up can helps you highlight your assets and hide your flaws. Taking time to learn how to use cosmetics to your advantage can make you look good even at your worst day.

Also, investing in facial creams and such would prove useful in the long run. For example, a cooling eye gel and eyeliner can help remove signs of a sleepless night or the after effects of a late night out with friends. The eye gel can help minimize the puffiness around the eyes while a white eye liner can mask any redness that may be visible.

3. Stay Away from Dry, Chapped Skin. Protect your Skin.

Air conditioned work places and the winter season can make the lips dry and chapped. Always have a lip balm on hand to make sure that your lips stay kissable during the cold months. Hands can also get dry and rough during cold weathers. Having a lotion or hand cream on your purse will help you maintain soft and smooth skin. I always use an aloe vera hand cream – both in winter and summer.

Suscreens are your bestfriend –  this you know from when you were young. Using an SPF50 (sun protection factor)  is mostly recommended to help you get protection from sunburn, wrinkle, and moles.

4. Style Your Mane.

A neat looking hairstyle is always pleasant to the eyes. Tight pony tails and buns are probably the neatest hairstyle that one can sport. Unfortunately, it can also be boring after a while. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other styles that also help create volume for your hair.

5. Get a Pocket Mirror.

You may not have enough time for trips to the powder room to check on your appearance but that doesn’t mean that you can’t check yourself at your own desk. Have a small mirror at the side of your desk to monitor your appearance.

Written by

Marie Gizelle

Marie is a 38-year-old mom who enjoys having facials and a good mask even at home.